Starting up in Business?

If you are starting up in business or are a small business looking for business advice or mentoring to plan, set-up and grow your business, you are in the right place.Admire Foxigen PVT LTD. can help. However, let us first discuss a little about business consulting, business mentoring, business counselling and business coaching to decide what is the right path for you and your business. 

Whom do you need – Business Advisor or Mentor?

Before asking this question to you, we feel it would be appropriate to know what is the difference between a Business Consultant, Business Coach, Business Counsellor and a Mentor .

Business I Management Consultant

Business Consultant is an expert in a particular field who works as a business advisor either to a company or to another individual to help gain an external and objective perspective of existing business through the analysis and provides advice and suggestions aimed at improvement in business performance.

Business Counsellor

Business Counsellor is an external expert who helps you in gaining an objective view of your business to identify the areas where you can improve the performance of your business. Business Counsellor, in a way, takes joint ownership of the entire process of decision making. Business Counsellor would also be usually an expert who knows your industry / sector very well

Business Coach

Business Coach usually believes that you know your problems and you know all the answers and helps you in finding those answers through coaching sessions. Business Coach may not be an expert in your field or your industry sector but a good coach is an expert in coaching Business Coaching is gaining in importance because you find the answers and make the decisions and because you own them and you want to implement them, there is a better chance of success at the end of the process.

Business / Start-up Mentor

Start-up / Business Mentor is someone who has already travelled the business path you are taking or planning to take. Mentor has the business and entrepreneurial experience and wisdom to guide you through your journey. Mentor is some one who is a trusted guide who can

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