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CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. Let’s take a look at why it is so important. Firstly, one must realize that even though the products and/or services we are trying to sell are ‘things’, the people behind the scenes involved in selling them are very ‘human’.

It is this very ‘human’ aspect of the business that CRM serves to address, by focusing on the ‘relationship’ component of the term, which, quite interestingly, finds itself in the ‘center’ of the acronym itself.

Customer Relationship Management is software that magnifies operational efficiency, growth strategies, productivity, and customer contentment.

A CRM assumes an exceptionally huge part in making one’s business fruitful. The software is designed to compile the details of customers across various channels. Being a perfect and accurate data collection and reporting, this system enables businesses to maintain all their customer’s records at one single incorporated place, which can be accessed easily by an entire organization.

Our CRM encourages you to give better client benefits by staying up with the latest reputation of client associations. It is easy to access and user-friendly, so you could deal with your work proficiently.

Features of our web based CRM

Lead management One of the keys to winning a sale is nurturing a lead throughout the sales process. Manages leads from prospecting to conversion. It lets you track sales activities, deals, and tasks and move them across sales stages. It also connects to contact management to let you view customer interactions and profiles in one window.

Account Management This is where you see the details of each account. Basic information like addresses, employees, Contact details, demographics, transactions, customer service interactions, and other customer data and interests are all centralized on the account page. The key is you get a view of all communications associated with the account down to the contact level so you can avoid any double calls and be sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Reporting and dashboards Consolidates streams of data in meaningful ways that help you to spot patterns, trends, behaviors, and other market insights. CRM solutions can also generate real-time data that makes reporting more timely and accurate. Coordinate unlimited customers with ease. Maintain records of each customer about their placed transactions.

Quote/Order Management You can make a quote for clients specifically in the CRM with the goal that you can spare it to the record in a split second and have it for future reference. You can likewise observe any past quotes and process the quote to a request. Any discounts or product deals can be updated as well for up to date information. CRM lets you add, assign, and track actionable items and sustain them into the business pipeline. Deals and tasks can be consequently populated with customer data or updated with real-time information.

Campaign Management Dealing with different promoting pieces without a moment’s delay makes campaign management very important. Manages campaigns from begin to end, including setting up target customers, automating workflows, and measuring achievement based on clearly defined metrics.

Email tracking Sending emails to customers in bulk can be a quick, easy way to let them know about new products or changes to existing products. Tracks opened or clicked emails and usually works with popular email clients and mailers like Gmail, Outlook, and MailChimp.

Social media management Tracks social media activity of your audience, You can use social networks like Facebook and Twitter to now engage with customers and see what their thoughts are on certain issues. It can also be a way to handle any problems they may have if they reach out via social media.

Mobile Applications A mobile app can be a great tool to have if you have reps out in the field going to different customer or prospect locations. From a quick glance at their phone, they can see the detailed history tied to an account including any orders, payments, and last communications with contacts. They can also record what they do and whom they talk to, and what was discussed while they were there all without having to open up the bulky laptop. Our CRM solutions have Android and iOS apps, mobile responsive sites.

Why Should You Choose Admire Foxigen for CRM Software ?

We are one of the leading CRM Software Development Companies, having 12 years of experienced team of CRM expert, who take advantage of best practices, technologies, and tools to develop CRM Software. Our robust application helps your business workflow and makes it easier than before. Our professionals have huge understanding of diverse industries like Public Sector, Utilities, High Tech, etc. and thus, offering CRM development service that they actually looking for.

As per business need and changing technology, additional functionality can also be added to the proposed software.

  • Affordable pricing of Application Development, Maintenance, and Upgrades
  • Developing cost-effective and flexible application to scale your business growth
  • 24*7 Support service through call, chat and mail
  • Technology Competency
  • On-Time Software Delivery
  • Highly Customizable
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Admire Foxigen IT Solution is the provider of custom software development solutions for businesses worldwide. Consult our software solutions specialists now to discuss how our development services will enable you to overcome your software technology challenges.

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