Web Services Company in Mumbai India

We at Admire Foxigen pride ourselves in being one of the very best when it comes to developing that website of yours with a remarkable sense of clarity. We take each and every step of the website development process very carefully, which is why we are one of the leaders in the field of website development.

At first, of course, we make sure that we have that all important meeting with you in order to understand exactly what it is you expect from us in the process of developing your website.

Once we have arrived at an understanding of the same, we estimate the costs involved and get straight to the next part, which is running through the specifications involved in the upcoming website plan, which are the general layout and navigation of the site, as well as the dynamic parts of the site.

Then of course the work begins for the ‘front end’ guys: the designers, content writers and the ‘back-end guys who will be working on that crucial ‘database’ and doing all the back-end coding for the site.

We make sure that there is perfect harmony between the ‘front-end’ and ‘back-end’ guys, so as to ensure that you get a product without any glitches. Finally it’s time for testing and SE0 optimization. All these processes are done by people who have hands on experience in these fields for several years, and know the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ when it comes to each specific stage in the website development process. The last thing you want is a website with glitches, and our web developers make sure that your website is absolutely glitch-free and raring to go.

We use only Net for CMS scripts, in the process of designing our websites, based on the particular needs of the client. CMS is short for ‘Content Management System’ and we make no compromise in using the absolute best. This way the information on your website is kept track of in the best possible manner possible. Furthermore, it allows the content on your website to be searched and indexed in a far easier manner and also keeps track of the users visiting your site.

We also specialize in the creation of portals. Loosely translated, a portal is a gateway into another world, much like a wormhole in space is thought of a gateway to an entirely different world. A portal is more than just a static webpage. It is really an entry into a multi-dimensional world online. We also specialize in the creation of several web portals such as those in the fields of matrimony and placement. The creation of portals requires a set of skills that is much higher than those in building a mere webpage and it is here that we score those extra brownie points thanks to the good deal of experience our web developers have in the portal development process.

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